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WE PROVIDE a wide range of services for our clients.


Each and every company has different set of circumstances and requirements as it pertains to the safe disposal of its outdated unwanted electronics computers & IT equipment. From a simple pick up of a few pieces of equipment that you are up storing in your  storage room, To the removal of IT systems that require assert tag inventory, being palletized  and a complete inventory of asserts taken.

We accept Battery Packs and Battery Back Ups Wires Cables & Cords Office Phone Systems And Anything that plugs into an outlet.

Boca E waste is your answer We can customize a recycling program that fits your needs. We are a local company that can work within your time frame.  Weekends and after normal business hours are no problem for us, we offer hassle free responsible professional recycling services when you need them.

Please give us a call to discuss any and all concerns you may have that relate to safe disposal and recycling of your obsolete computer and electronic equipment.

Our most sought after service is the ON SITE destruction of sensitive and confidential data that is left on Hard drives of both server’s and computers as well as copy and scanner machines.  A member of our staff that is personally HIPA certified along with a crew of men,will come to your location and perform the service of Drilling the platters in the hard drives with titanium drill bits.

This method pulverizes all information stored on the platters rendering them impossible to copy any data that was on them. Certificates of destruction are produced recording the technical data information, and the location & date of Hard drive destruction and are witnessed and signed. The remnants are than recycled to be reused in new products.

For company’s that do not have such strong industry stringent requirements, Your equipment would be picked up and the drilling would be done at our home, E.P.A. registered facility in Lauderhill Florida # FLR000217513 

Upon your request Certificates of destruction would be sent to you after the process was completed for your record keeping.Watch our u-tube video on our home page. There are a few different methods of destruction,That are in our opinion costly and waste valuable resources.Using our methods achieves the same result, while we perform them for zero cost to your company or agency.We you are ready give us a call for no cost Computer recycling  Pick Up Boca Raton FL. (954) 368-4943

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